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Wertz Werkz Game of the Month - August 2018

Strike Zone Carnival Game of the Month $650.00


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See Wertz Werkz Carnival Games in action!

Make sure to check out the Flap Attack Game!
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Wertz Werkz Carnival Games - Team Building Event!

Wertz Werkz is the premier manufacturer of carnival games in the United States. Make sure to check out our carnival games!


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Wertz Werkz Senior Team Building Day

This past week we celebrated our annual Wertz Werkz Senior Team Building Day! Seniors at the Crestview Retirement Community broke up into teams of 4 and had a blast competing for the top prize!

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We are Wertz Werkz!

We are Wertz Werkz! A manufacturing company in Bryan, Texas that truly brings the carnival to you. We aim to provide quality entertainment for those quality memories! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all things Wertz Werkz!

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