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Billy Bones - Electronic

Product Code: BBE-111
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Shipping Dimensions: 28.00in x 18.00in x 48.00in

Price: $3,850.00

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Race to put Billy back together before time runs out! If you beat the clock, make sure to click stop or Billy Bones will all fall down!

Comes with: set of bones, RJ-45 cable, timer box, power supply (12 volt DC with 2.1 mm plug-in adapter), stand up legs

Game size: 72" tall x 31" wide x 26" deep (set up)


Frame: 52 lbs

Bag w/ lanyard, bones: 4 lbs

Bucket: 10 lbs

Legs w/ center piece: 33 lbs

Timer w/ RJ-45 cable, power cord: 5 lbs

Total: 104 lbs

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